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D-VTA 200 for the cement industry
Video and thermography system

Video and thermography system for the cement industry for monitoring of the sintering process in the rotary kiln and the processes in the clinker cooler. Provides clinker and flame temperatures from the rotary kiln and shows “red river” and “snowman” in the clinker cooler. Used to improve clinker quality and optimize substitute fuels, helping to reduce fuel costs.  

Functionality: Spatial and temporal analysis of radiation images and videos

  • Brilliant 24/7 live videos from the sintering zone, the main burner flame and from the clinker cooler
  • Angled furnace camera (D-FS2 VIS6060) ideal for side installation in the clinker cooler
  • Furnace camera and retraction unit specially designed for the rough conditions in cement plants
  • Essential wear parts such as cooling jackets can be replaced separately
  • Digital data transmission to the process control system (e.g. Modbus TCP, Profibus)
  • Increase in clinker quality by stabilizing the temperatures in the rotary kiln, optimizing the flame position, early detection of clinker balls and deposits on the main burner
  • Cost reduction by increasing the proportion of secondary fuels
  • Avoiding unplanned downtime and reducing wear on the refractory lining
  • Visual and thermal monitoring of the sintering zone and the main burner flame to optimize clinker production in the rotary kiln
  • Monitoring of the clinker cooler for early detection of the formation of "red rivers" and "snowman"
  • Furnace camera installed from the side in the kiln hood for monitoring of the ignition behaviour when using secondary fuels
  • Technical data
Brief product descriptionSystems with retraction unit or fixed installationWater or air-cooled systemsOne or two furnace cameras in one system
Field of viewWide angle: 90°, 72°, 54° (diagonal, horizontal, vertical)Standard: 60°, 48°, 36° (diagonal, horizontal, vertical)Elbowed 60°: 60°, 48°, 36° (diagonal, horizontal, vertical)