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D-VTA 200 for fossil fuels
Video and thermography system

Video and thermography system for fossil fuels. Provides live images and temperature distribution from power plant boilers. Helps save fuel costs and avoid tube ruptures, reducing costs and downtime.  Used to monitor the burners in the start-up process, to monitor the fireball and to support fuel and load changes.

Functionality: Spatial and temporal analysis of radiation images and videos

  • Brilliant 24/7 live videos from the power plant boiler
  • Monitoring of the fireball position during operation and early detection of imbalances
  • Temperature distribution and flame temperature in the power plant boiler
  • Monitoring of the start-up process
  • Increased efficiency by optimizing the fireball position and temperature distribution
  • Cost reduction by reducing downtime and avoiding tube ruptures 
  • Flexible plant operation through real-time video monitoring of the flames at each load level
  • Monitoring of combustion in a power plant boiler with fossil fuels
  • Installation below the superheater with a view down to the burners and the fireball
  • Technical data
Brief product descriptionSystems with retraction unit or fixed installationWater or air-cooled systemsOne or two furnace cameras in one system
Field of viewUltra-wide angle (D-FS2 only): 120°, 94°, 72° (diagonal, horizontal, vertical)Wide angle: 90°, 72°, 54° (diagonal, horizontal, vertical)Standard: 60°, 48°, 36° (diagonal, horizontal, vertical)Zoom: 30°, 24°, 18° (diagonal, horizontal, vertical)Elbowed 60°: 60°, 48°, 36° (diagonal, horizontal, vertical)