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Portable aerosol spectrometer DustDecoder 11-D

DustDecoder 11-D
Portable aerosol spectrometer

Precise and compact aerosol spectrometer for the determination of dust mass fractions and particle number size distribution. Optimal solution for reliable and flexible real-time measurements for aerosol research and indoor air quality.

Functionality: Light scattering at single particles

  • Unique measurement range in one device: Inhalable, thoracic, respirable, pm10, pm2.5 and pm1, TSP, PM10, PM4, PM2.5, PM1, PMcoarse and total counts
  • 31 equidistant size channels; PSL traceable particle size distribution
  • GRIMM Dual Technology with integrated filter
  • Intelligent Li-ion battery for portable use up to 10 hours, recharging in 3 hours with smart desktop charger
  • Optical cell with internal sensor for T and RH; Purge air for protecting laser and detector
  • Wide range of indoor and outdoor applications
  • Aerodynamic aerosol focusing, total inlet flow (1.2 l/min) analyzed in the optical cell, no border zone error
  • Highest flexibility, additional information of particle number, particle surface, and dust mass distribution with software
  • Compact design, allows easy integration in laboratory or mobile setups
  • Aerosol science
  • Process control
  • PM measurements
  • Workplace monitoring (PEL, EN 481) with high time resolution
  • IAQ in vehicles and buildings
  • Technical data
Detection principleLight scattering at single particles with diode laser
OutputInhalable, thoracic, respirable, pm10, pm2.5, pm1; TSP, PM10, PM4, PM2.5, PM1, PMcoarse and total counts, number concentration and size distribution
Particle size range0.253 … 35.15 μm
Size channels31, equidistant
Particle number concentration0 … 5,300,000 particles/l, diluter available for higher concentrations
Dust mass concentration0 μg/m³ … 100 mg/m³
ReproducibilityMore than 95% at 500 nm meets ISO 21501-1
Time resolution6 s, 31 channels (selectable storage intervals 6 s, 1 min, 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, 30 min, 1 h)1 s, 16 channels (two selectable size intervals below or above 2.989 μm)
Volume flow rate1.2 l/min ±3% due to self regulation according to ISO 21501-1Automatic altitude correction up to 5,000 m
Internal purge air0.4 l/minProtects laser opticsReference air for self-test
Gravimetric control47 mm PTFE filter
Power supplyIn: 100 … 240 VAC, 47 … 60 HzOut: 13 VDC, 2.5 A
BatteryIntelligent Li-ion-battery, 10.8 V, 6.8 Ah for minimum 10 h operationRecharge: 3 h with desktop smart quick charger
Power consumption5.4 W
Data interfacesEthernet, USB (type B), RS-232, Bluetooth, USB flash drive
Dimensions (l x w x h)282 x 124 x 67 mm (11.1 x 4.9 x 2.6 in)
WeightWithout battery: 1.6 kg (3.5 lbs) Li-ion battery: 0.33 kg (0.7 lbs)
Operating conditions+0 … +40 °C (32 … 104 °F)RH < 95% non condensing, non-corrosive or explosive gases
Transport and storage-20 … +50 °C (-4 … 122 °F) RH < 95%
  • Output of 12 dust mass fractions simultaneously
  • "Full flow analysis" of the entire sample volume
  • 10 hours of mains-independent battery operation
  • GRIMM Dual Technology with integrated filter
  • Optional
1146: GPS sensor
1152: Isokinetic sampling probe for 4 … 25 m/s
1158: TRH External sensor for temperature and relative humidity
1159-10, 1159-100: Capillary diluter (1:10 or 1:100)