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High energy ignition unit E-SPARK

High energy ignition unit

Powerful and reliable solution for the ignition of gaseous fuels and light fuel oil. Spark energy of 4, 8 or 12 joules/spark.

Functionality: Thyristor-controlled capacitor discharge, microcontroller-based

  • For the operation of pilot burners used for flares and for igniters in industrial furnaces, boilers or incinerators
  • Microprocessor-based and therefore flexible programming for a wide range of ignition frequencies
  • Non-wearing electronic design:
    Thyristor-controlled capacitor discharge
  • Compact design:
    Space-saving dimensions of the module, placed on an easy-to-mount base plate
  • Applicable in a wide temperature range without added cooling or heating under conditions in the range -40 °C … 70 °C
  • Spark energy of 4, 8 or 12 joules/spark 
  • Different spark frequencies possible up to 20 sparks/s
  • Safe operation and reliable ignition at long distances due to a powerful ignition voltage of 2,000 V – the solution for flare ignition systems
  • Maintenance-free operation in harsh ambient conditions in any industry
  • Simple integration on site due to a 24 VDC design and pre-selected power supply modules
  • High grade of customizing by supplying “made-to-order” modules and project-based integration
  • Cost-saving overhauls, convenient and flexible option as replacement in existing ignition units
  • Ignition of ignition burners, pilot burner, lances and spark plugs
  • Technical data
Spark ratesDifferent spark rates from 20 sparks/s to 1 spark/10 s
Ignition energy4, 8, or 12 joules/spark
Operating temperature-40 … +70 °C
Flame detectionOption for thermocouple flame detectionOption for ionization flame detection
EnclosureExplosion-proof enclosureStainless steel enclosure
  • Optional
Gas fired igniter Smitsvonk
Pilot burner
Ignition lance
Spark plugs