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Outdoor wide-range aerosol spectrometer

Aerosol spectrometer covering the particle size range from 5 nm … 32 μm. The weather-protected instrument is designed especially for atmospheric monitoring and combines two technologies: SMPS+C for nanoparticles and EDM 180 for micron-sized aerosol.  

Functionality: Combination of mobility particle size spectrometer and optical aerosol spectrometer

  • Particle size range from 5 nm … 32 μm
  • Fully automatic 24/7 monitoring system for up to one month of unattended operation
  • Energy-efficient, sampling with isothermal drying system
  • Fully air-conditioned mini container
  • Versatile data acquisition and communication (data logger with GSM via internet)
  • Meteorological sensors for wind speed and direction, precipitation, pressure, temperature and relative humidity
  • Mini format supersite
  • Excellent counting statistics and reproducibility
  • Change your research location easily
  • High precision with CPC and OPC at low and high concentrations
  • Low diffusion losses
  • Sampling pipe available with different lengths and sampling heads
  • Atmospheric monitoring of ultrafine particles and dust
  • Source identification
  • Traffic emission monitoring
  • Environmental and climate studies
  • Studies on atmospheric nucleation
  • Studies on nanoparticle growth, coagulation and transport
  • SMPS+C
  • Optical Aerosol Spectrometer
Measurement principleElectrostatic classification with subsequent detection by condensational growth
Particle size rangeSelectableM–DMA: 5 … 350 nmL–DMA: 10 … 1,094 nm
Particle size resolutionStepping mode: 45 - 255 channelsScanning mode: 64 channels per decadeLogarithmic spacing
Minimum scan time150 s
Max. concentration single count mode150,000 particles/cm3
Max. concentration photometric mode107 particles/cm3
Reproducibility> 95% for single count mode> 90% for photometric mode
Working fluidn-butanol (n-butyl alcohol)
Measurement principleLight scattering at single particles; detection volume aerodynamically focused, no border zone error
Particle size range0.25 μm … 32 μm
Number of size channels31
Concentration range1 … 3,000,000 particles/l
Reproducibility> 97% for single count mode
Sampling and conditioningSampling pipe with sampling head, isothermal humidity extraction via Nafion membrane, sensorcontrolled, without loss of semi-volatile compounds (SVC)
Weather housingStainless steel, powder-coated, air-conditioned
Climate sensorsWind speed and direction, precipitation, pressure, temperature, relative humidityGPS positioning
Total inlet flow rate1.5 l/min, ≤ 5% difference to the nominal flow rate
Sample air flow rate SMPS+C0.3 l/min CPC, flow control with critical orifice, temperature stabilized
Sample air flow rate EDM 1801.2 l/min aerosol spectrometer, ±3% constant due to self-regulation
OperationData logger and netbook integrated in housing for real-time data, meteorological sensor and GPS position
InterfacesData logger, USB, GSM with SIM card for mobile network
Power supply230 VAC, 60 Hz
Power consumptionMax. 950 W (750 W only weather protection housing with air conditioning)
Temperature range-20 … +55 °C (-4 … 131 °F)RH < 95%
Pressure rangeSMPS+C: 600 … 1,100 mbar
Optical aerosol spectrometer900 … 1,100 mbarFlow rate adjustable to pressure
Dimensions (H x W x D): Housing: 107 x 65 x 224 cm (42.1 x 25.6 x 88.2 in)
Total height with meteorological sensor270 cm (106.3 in)
Weight250 kg (551 lbs)
  • Optional
570-1.X-TSP - Sampling pipe with 1.0 or 1.5 m with TSP head
570-1.X-Sigma - Sampling pipe with 1.0 or 1.5 m with Sigma 2 head