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Flare pilot burner FFG60

Flare pilot burner

Self-aspirating pilot burner with flame front ignition. For flare ignition with heat release in accordance with API standard 537. 

Functionality: Self-aspirating, heavy-duty, high-energy angled (or straight) pilot burner with windspeed equalizer, 3″ wind cap and radiation shield.

  • API 537 / EN ISO 25457 approved by Bureau Veritas
  • Integrated and protected thermocouple(s)
  • Fast temperature detection by thermocouple(s)
  • Complete delivery; cables, junction boxes and ignition unit
  • Easy fit cable connectors
  • Made entirely of high-temperature resistant stainless steel
  • Option for second thermocouple
  • Reliable ignition and stable flame under all weather conditions
  • Flare ignition for flares of all kinds
  • Technical data
Supply gasFrom 80 vol% CH4 and 20 vol% H2 to 100 vol% C3H8 without any adjustment
Gas pressure0.5 … 1.5 barg
Gas consumption1.8 … 3.0 nm3/h (99.5 vol% CH4)
Gas connection1/2″ NPT option for ANSI or DIN flanges
Flame front connection1″ NPT option for ANSI or DIN flanges
Length To customer requirements from 700 mm to 4,000 mm
AngleStraight or angled pilot burner
Max. top angle37°
  • Optional
FFG ignition panel