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Software 5478 for indoor and outdoor WRAS

GRIMM 5478
Software for indoor and outdoor WRAS

Designed for use with wide-range aerosol spectrometers. For fast and easy setup of a connection between the measuring instrument and the software as well as easy operation and data interpretation.

  • Online merging of mobility size distributions measured with the GRIMM Nano software and optical size distribution measured with the spectrometer software
  • A user-selectable threshold defines the merging of the nano and micron range
  • The merged size distribution can be sent along with meteorological data to a data logger and a server with remote access
  • Export 2D or 3D graphs of size, mass, and number distributions
  • Easy instrument control
  • Fast data visualization
  • Customizing graphs
  • Effortless data conversion to spreadsheet format
  • Technical data
Operating systemsWindows 7 and all later versions, 32-bit & 64-bit
Hard drive500 MB