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HM-1400 TRX 2 front

HM-1400 TRX 2
Total mercury analyzer

Total mercury analyzer for continuous process and emission monitoring. With option for separate determination of elemental and oxidized mercury species.

Functionality: Atomic absorption spectroscopy

  • Lowest certified measuring range 0 … 15 µg/m3
  • Measuring principle allows separate determination of elemental and oxidized mercury
  • Automatic check functions via internal reference gas generator
  • Low consumption of energy and instrument air
  • Simple, robust design
  • Suitable for official emission monitoring
  • Reliable measurement of small and large mercury concentrations
  • Measuring data of both mercury species for use in evaluation of mercury mitigation measures
  • Low operating costs over the entire product lifecycle
  • Easy maintenance and operation
  • Official continuous emission monitoring
  • Real-time measurement of emissions and process concentrations
  • Technical data
Measuring principleExtractive total mercury measurement via thermocatalytic conversion and atomic absorption spectroscopy
Measuring variableTotal mercury concentration in µg/m³
Measuring range0 … 3,000 μg/m³
Certified measuring range 0 … 15 μg/m³, 0 … 45 μg/m³, 0 … 75 μg/m³
Ambient conditionsTemperature:-20 … +50 °C (sampling)+0 … +50 °C (analyzer)
Operating conditionsIn duct:Temperature: Maximum 300 °CRelative humidity: 0 … 100%Relative pressure: -50 … +20 hPa
Inner duct diameterMinimum 0.5 m
Operation and displayOperating unit in front doorRemote access from PC using TCP/IP
Check functionsAutomatic leakage checkAutomatic zero point check with ambient airAutomatic reference point check with internal HgCl2 reference gas generatorManual reference point check with external reference gas generator
  • Measuring principle allows separate determination of mercury species (speciation)
  • Mandatory
  • Optional
Sampling probe
Sampling tube
Sample gas line
Pre-filter (for sampling probe, at high dust concentrations)