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Indoor WRAS
Indoor wide-range aerosol spectrometer

For high resolution particle measurements in laboratories covering a particle size range of 5 nm … 35 μm. Combines two technologies: SMPS+C for nanoparticles and the portable optical aerosol spectrometer 11-D for dust particles.  

Functionality: Combination of mobility particle size spectrometer and optical aerosol spectrometer

  • Real-time monitoring of the entire particle size range
  • High precision with CPC and OPC at low and high concentrations
  • Excellent counting statistics and reproducibility
  • Low diffusion losses
  • Self-test of all optical and pneumatic components for high quality standards
  • Instrument parameters secured against data loss
  • Laboratory desktop setup
  • Fast and easy change of particle size ranges with different DMAs
  • Various DMAs available
  • Customizing possible
  • Monitoring of ultrafine particles and dust
  • Aerosol science
  • Workplace monitoring 
  • SMPS+C
  • Optical aerosol spectrometer
Measurement principleElectrostatic classification with subsequent detection by condensational growth
Particle size rangeSelectable:M – DMA: 5 … 350 nmL – DMA: 10 … 1,094 nm
Particle size resolutionStepping mode: 45 - 255 channelsScanning mode: 64 channels per decadeLogarithmic spacing
Minimum scan time150 s
Max. concentration single count mode150,000 particles/cm3
Max. concentration photometric mode107 particles/cm3
Reproducibility> 95% for single count mode > 90% for photometric mode
Working fluidn-butanol (n-butyl alcohol)
Measurement principleLight scattering at single particlesDetection volume aerodynamically focused, no border zone error
Particle size range0.253 … 35.15 μm
Number of size channels31, logarithmic equidistant
Concentration range1 … 3,000,000 particles/l
Reproducibility> 97% for single count mode
Sample air flow rate SMPS+C: 0.3 l/minCPCFlow control with critical orifice, temperature stabilized
Sample air flow rate11-D: 1.2 l/minAerosol spectrometer±3% constant due to self-regulation
OperationWide range aerosol spectrometer software 5478 for online data presentation
InterfacesRS-232, USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth
Power supplySMPS+C: 85 … 264 VAC, 47 … 440 Hz
Optical aerosol spectrometer100 … 240 VAC, 47 … 60 Hz, out: 13 VDC530 … 1,100 mbarFlow rate automatically adjustable to pressure
Temperature range10 … +35 °C (50 … 95 °F)RH < 95%
Pressure rangeSMPS+C: 600 … 1,100 mbar