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Environmental and process data management system

Emission evaluation system for plants whose emission, immission and process data must by law be reported and logged. Complies with Austrian regulations.

The system can be adapted to any plant size up to overall evaluation of complex industrial locations using summation systems.

  • Complies with the current Austrian regulations
  • Evaluations pursuant to the Emission Protection Act for Boiler Plants (EG-K), Emission Measurement Ordinance Air (EMV-L), Waste Incineration Ordinance (AVV), Cement Ordinance, VA and NER-V
  • Analog and digital data acquisition with long-term data storage in accordance with legal requirements 
  • Data provision to customer systems via analog and digital interface
  • Display of current, historical or forecast measurement data as bar or line chart and optionally in customer-specific design
  • Installation as standalone solution or client-server architecture to meet the various customer requirements 
  • Additional modules such as QAL3, automatic backup, remote emission data transfer and many more


  • ÖNORM M9412-2:2008
  • ÖNORM M9412-1:2015
  • Scalable and modular system for all plant sizes and types
  • Intuitive and easy to use user interface
  • Flexible configuration for a wide range of customer requirements
  • Powerful reporting with multiple customization options and e-mail notification
  • Complies with the current Austrian regulations
  • Emission data
  • Immission data
  • Meteorological data
  • Water and wastewater data
  • Process data
  • Technical data
Measurement data akquisitionThe measurement data acquisition system LEMESS can also be optionally installed on the emission data evaluation computer (integrated computer).Redundant measurement data acquisition possible (2-computer approach)Data transfer via bus systems (Modbus, Profibus, TCP/IP, Profinet) or other interfaces499 analog inputs499 analog outputs499 digital inputs499 digital outputs
Interfaces4 … 20 mAModbus RTU/TCPProfibusProfinetOPCAnd others
Data exportData interface to Microsoft Excel with the possibility of further evaluation of measurement data, e.g. for environmental protection officers to fulfill reporting obligationsTransfer of measurement results to authorities via remote emission data transferProvision of data in CSV files
Data securityIntermediate storage of raw input values every minute on the LEMESS emission data measurement computerDuplicate data storage on two separate hard disks in a RAID 1 arrayData backup on external storage mediaMessage in the event of failure of a storage medium
Internet/intranet connectionAutomatic data transfer to any server on the Internet/intranet for HTML displayDaily check of the data for completenessPassword-protected control of daily emission values including logs
VizualizationMeasurement data logging in accordance with regulatory requirements – daily, weekly, monthly and annual logsDisplay of current, forecast and historical measurement data in bar and/or line chartsAutomatic reporting and information system with comment function