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Microwave plasma igniter

Microwave plasma igniter

Fuel-free ignition system with plasma beam (ionized gas volume) and high ignition potential.  

Functionality: High-frequency microwave plasma, carrier medium for plasma formation / plasma shaping typically compressed air or other ionizable gases.

  • Carbon-fuel-free ignition system: No fuel and no combustion air required
  • Compact design
  • Quickly-available ignition system to support the flexible operation of fossil-fired combustion systems
    • Direct ignition of different solid fuels such as dry lignite, highly-volatile hard coal, coal dust or biomass
    • Safe ignition of various gas, liquid and solid fuels
  • Microwave plasma output: 1 / 3 kW
  • High ignition potential: High temperature with high energy density in the ignition volume
  • Any carrier medium for provision of the plasma possible (e.g. air)
  • Few connections and interfaces required
  • Rapid return on investment
    Complete saving on ignition fuels and the necessary infrastructure. Fuel conditioning is not required, regular safety audits are not necessary.
  • Simple integration for incorporation into higher-level control systems and controllers
  • High availability
  • Low maintenance
  • Wide range of applications
    Can be used for other applications in the chemical industry and in thermal process plants (e.g. oxyfuel systems (carrier medium: CO₂) or oxygen-free thermal reactions)
  • The plasma ignition system is suitable for igniting fuels that are difficult to ignite, such as dusty solid fuels (dry lignite, hard coal, biomass), and for igniting gases, oils and special fuels. Ignition in low-oxygen and oxygen-free atmospheres is also possible.
  • These combustion systems are found for example in the following areas:
  • Fossil-fired power plants (lignite, hard coal, biomass, oil and gas)
  • Thermal process plants (industrial furnaces)
  • Chemical plants, wood industry, waste incineration plants, petrochemicals, steel industry
  • Technical data
DesignCompact design with microwave plasma lance head and integrated plasma lance
ModeIntermittent operation / continuous operation
Supply voltage230 / 400 VAC
Output signalChangeover contact
Lance head degree of protectionIP65
Supply unit degree of protectionIP54
Plasma lance lengthMax. 3 / 5 m
Plasma lance diameter28 / 35 mm
Microwave plasma output1 / 3 kW
Plasma lance head ambient temperature0 … 60 °C
  • Fuel-free ignition system with high ignition potential
  • Direct ignition of fuels that are difficult to ignite
  • Complete saving on ignition fuels and the necessary infrastructure
  • Optional
Retraction unit