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Laser infrared spectrometer

Fully pre-calibrated multi-component gas analyzer for process gas analysis. Suitable for a wide range of gases and applications.

Functionality: Optical Feedback Cavity Enhanced Absorption Spectroscopy (OFCEAS) and Low Pressure Sampling (LPS)

  • Continuous multigas measurement
  • High resolution IR laser technology
  • Patented OFCEAS TDL technology
  • No optical moving parts
  • Direct measurement without degrading the sample (no scrubber needed)
  • Patented low pressure sampling system
  • Maintenance: Yearly
  • High sensitivity
  • Self-calibrating system (no span gases required)
  • Ultra-precise measurement
  • Very fast response time
  • Reduced operational costs (no gas cylinder, low power consumptions)
  • High availability of the system
  • Oil and gas 
  • Process
  • Incineration, combustion
  • Flue gas treatment
  • Biogas
  • Gas supplier
  • Applicable gases* for ProCeas®
  • Performances
  • Technical data
DiatomicH2, O2
NitrogenNH3, NO, N2O, NO2, HCN
SulfurH2S, COS, CS2, SO2
OxidesCO2, H2O, CO
HalogenidesHF, HBr, HCl
HydrocarbonsCH4, C2H2, C2H4, C2H6

* Other ranges/compounds on request

Linearity < 1% range, R2 > 0.999
Repeatability3*lod or +/–0,5 % relative
Response time< 30 s (all gases) except NH3, HCl (< 100s)
Drift zero/spanNegligible
Power supply110 … 230 VAC, 50 … 60 Hz
Analyzer300 VA (consumption)
Instrument air supply for Ex pDust free, oil free, dry, at ambient temperature5 … 7 bar gauge pressure at max. 5.5 m³/hVortex: 700 l/min
Ambient conditionsTemperature: -20 … +60 °CHumidity: 10 … 90% RH, non-condensing
Protection classIP54 (for Ex p) according to IEC 60529
Communication and data outputEthernet, Modbus (TCP/IP, RS), analog, USB
  • Mandatory
  • Optional
Probe (filter and sonic nozzle)
Sampling line
Pumping system
Integration in cabinet ATEX II3G Ex pxb IIC T3 Gb
Air conditioning system
Ex p (ATEX II 2G Ex pxb IIC T3 Gb)
Ex D [ATEX : II2G (Ex db IIB+H2 T6 Gb), IECEx : (Ex db IIB+H2 T6 Gb)]
Vortex cooling
Analog/Digital I/Os
Modem for remote connexion