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Ignition lance for direct connection to D-HG

Suitable for direct connection to high energy ignition devices in the D-HG x00-5x variants. Flexible lengths and various diameters for configuration of a compact high energy ignition system.

Functionality: Rigid ignition lance can be installed directly on the high energy igniter. Coaxial system with inner conductor.

  • Connection A1 for direct installation on D-HG xxx-5x
  • > 1,000,000 ignition sparks with one ignition tip
  • Easy to replace standard ignition tips
  • Use at temperatures up to 1,000 °C
  • Space-saving due to compact design
  • Safe and reliable ignition
  • Flexible adaptation for a wide range of applications and customer requirements
  • Low-wear due to ignition tip ideally tailored to the application
  • Coal-fired power plants with oil pilot burners: Reliable direct ignition with well-prepared oil (steam-atomized)
  • Technical data
Connectionsø 22 mm: Igniter (A1)
Lengthø 17.2 mm: 0.5 … 2 m (without separation point and including spark plug)ø 22 mm: 0.7 … 15 m (maximum 4 m without separation point)
Weightø 22 mm: 1.6 kg/m
  • Compact ignition system in combination with D-HG x00-5x 
  • Recommended
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