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Product launch D-R 909: Next generation dust monitor


Hamburg, 21st of June, 2023One of the new product highlights this year is the D-R 909 extractive dust monitor. It uses the principle of forward scattering and is designed optimally for the extractive, continuous measurement of small and medium dust concentrations in wet gases. The QAL1 tested measuring system is especially used for official emission monitoring. It can be installed, for example, downstream of wet scrubbers in waste incineration plants and in coal-fired power plants.

The D-R 909 was developed by the DURAG GROUP especially for continuous operation in humid and wet flue gases. Thus, the extracted sample may be saturated with water vapor and contain water droplets, as is the case with fog. The latest generation dust monitor vaporizes the existing liquid and then detects only the scattered light from the dust particles. The D-R 909 is equipped with an extremely sensitive dust sensor (D-R CL) to detect even the smallest dust concentrations. The scattered light measured by the sensor is converted into the corresponding dust concentration by the device.

During and after drying of the sample gas, deposits or impurities are hardly formed. In addition, the innovative design of the D-R 909 reduces the formation of such residues throughout the system. This keeps the maintenance effort and thus the operating costs low. In addition to automatic control functions, high availability and low service and operating costs, the D-R 909 scores with its simple and flexible installation. 

Learn more about the D-R 909 dust monitor in the video and here.