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News and press

“The EDM 280 is unique on the market”


Hamburg, 21 July 2023 On May 2nd, we launched our QAL1-certified aerosol spectrometer EDM 280, the new product from GRIMM AEROSOL TECHNIK, a DURAG GROUP company. Dennis Beckmann, Sales Experts Manager for the product portfolio of GRIMM AEROSOL TECHNIK, explains what is so special about the EDM 280.

What makes the new EDM 280 aerosol spectrometer special and where can it be used?
The entire DURAG GROUP is proud to present the new flagship in the field of fine dust monitoring. EDM 280 is ready to race since the beginning of May and as successor of the very successful EDM 180 it is especially suited for continuous monitoring of PM10 and PM2.5 limits in ambient air in measurement networks. With a detection limit of only 0.1 µg/m³, a lower particle detection range of only 0.178 µm and a real-time analysis of all sampled particles, , the EDM 280 is unique on the market. The EDM 280 is approved for outdoor air quality monitoring in all measuring networks if these networks define approved measuring devices for PM10 and PM2.5 according to European specifications as a prerequisite for use, in short devices with QAL-1. In practice, this means use throughout Europe and in regions that follow European specifications, for example parts of South America.

Can you give more details about the QAL-1 certification? 
QAL-1 means that EDM 280 has proven its reliable measurement performance. Part of this proof are extensive laboratory and field tests, which were carried out by TÜV-Rheinland Energy GmbH. The testing is carried out in accordance with defined standards, such as EN 16450 and EN 12341, the VDI 4202-3 guideline and the “Demonstration of Equivalence of Ambient Air Monitoring Methods” guide. The report on this suitability test is publicly available on the Internet at

How do you assess the market potential of the EDM 280? 
Europe exhibits remarkable potential, arising from the transformation of existing measurement networks into modern technologies to meet the growing demands of the future. These advanced instruments, such as the EDM 280, an optical fine dust measuring device, provide significantly lower detection limits while maintaining a high temporal resolution. For worldwide use, additional national approval requirements must be met. This proof usually has to be provided by further field tests in the respective countries. Unfortunately, the international market for fine dust measuring instruments is not harmonized. Often, identical proof must be provided with further measurements in additional countries. In some cases, additional market access restrictions also apply. Meeting all of these involves additional time and costs.

Let’s get to the actual use. With which GRIMM AEROSOL TECHNIK products can EDM 280 be combined? 
With the new EDM 280, we offer an outstandingly suitable measuring instrument for all conceivable applications regarding fine dust and aerosols in the outdoor air. Thus, the EDM 280 optimally complements our product portfolio. This also includes the mobile AirQualifier EDM 264, an instrument specially designed for discontinuous hot-spot measurements, and EDM 465, which can detect ultrafine particles below 100 nm continuously and with high temporal resolution. 

How is EDM 280 being received by international sales partners? Is there already initial feedback from customers?  
In training courses, some international partner companies have already been able to inform themselves in detail about the features and operation of the EDM 280. Initial measurements at customers’ and partners’ sites also confirm the low maintenance requirements and the excellent measuring performance of the device.