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Emission and raw gas monitoring

Volume flow measurement

In addition to monitoring pollutants, many operators of industrial plants have to measure other operating variables, including characteristic values such as the volume flow of the flue gas. The volume flow is also a parameter for process monitoring or control and therefore for the assessment of plant operation. Volume flow measuring systems from the DURAG GROUP ensure reliable and continuous volume flow measurement, even under difficult plant conditions such as in a raw gas stream. Mass flow emissions can be calculated with the combination of a concentration (mg/m³) and the volume flow (m³/h).

We offer various volume flow measuring systems depending on the requirements and measuring task. The measurement takes place in the flue gas stream. The measuring system determines the gas velocity and uses it to calculate the volume flow.

A volume flow measuring system consists of a measuring device, a supply unit for the power supply, and various other components depending on the product solution. To convert the volume flow under operating conditions into a volume flow in standard conditions, a pressure sensor and temperature sensor are required, which we can offer where needed. An optional operating unit with a display is also available.