D-LE 103

Flame sensor

Flame sensor (flame scanner) for the monitoring of gas, oil and coal flames, primarily in single burner view applications.


  • Self-monitoring and fail-safe in conjunction with a control unit/burner control
  • Flame sensors for every spectral range of flame monitoring from UV to IR
  • Connection to D-UG 120 and D-UG 660 contol unit as well as D-GF 150(-MB) burner control
  • Uniform output signal thus mutually interchangeable
  • Compliance to general safety regulations


  • Power stations
  • Chemical industry
  • Refineries
  • Cement plants
  • Waste incinerators
  • Steam generators
  • Heating plants

Technical Data

Operational modeIntermittent operation, continuous operation and 72-hour operation without permanent supervision
Safetyself-monitoring and fail-safe in conjunction with a control unit / burner control
High-pass filterpre-set
Viewing angle
Perm. ambient temperature-20…+60°C
Sighting tube connectionG 1¼“
Purge air connectionG ½“
Protectionwith cable gland (D-LE 103…-CG) IP65,
with axial plug (D-LE 103…-P) IP67
Spectral rangesUV, VIS, IR
DimensionsØ80 mm, length approx. 350 mm
Weightapprox. 1 kg


  • Optical adjustment aid for alignment of the swivel mount on the sighting tube (D-ZS 118)
  • UV-C test light source 230 V / 50 Hz (D-ZS 077-10)
  • UV-A, UV-B und IR test light source 230 V/50 Hz (D-ZS 093)
  • Swivel Mount for alignment of flame sensor to the flame to be monitored (D-ZS 033 - I)
  • Thermal isolator with electrical insulation (D-ZS 117 - I)
  • Ball valve for closing sighting tube (D-ZS 133 - I)
  • Terminal box for connecting flame sensor (D-ZS 140)

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