The company was founded in November 1948. In Hamburg are the development, manufacturing and sales departments and our modern training facilities.


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After the war H. Wilhelm Schaumann came into contact with some scientists who could not return onto their research places again yet. He understood to inspire them for new ideas. H. W. Schaumann instantly recognized the splendid potential, which arose in the connection of research and application and founded DURAG in the year 1948.
The name of the company is based on the DURATRON, a device to detect gamma rays which had been developed on basis of radio tubes from army supplies.


The first standard product, the light barrier D- US 100, comes to the market. Since industry workers are increasingly hard to find, control devices for rationalization and automatization are developed and produced.


In total 6 persons were working at DURAG. The manufacturing consisted of a few workbenches and was in a corner of the uppermost storey in a building still existing today. The first years were shaped by many ideas which frequently could not be transformed because of missing manufacturing facilities.


The sixties brought the transistor and the first industrially produced electronic serial devices of the DURAG. Devices for process monitoring, electronic counters, controls as well as special-purpose computers in solid-state technology formed the basis of the production program of this time.


The first half of the seventies marked the change to microprocessor technology. DURAG was the first manufacturer to supply price marking devices on basis of the Intel processor 4004 systems.
Next to general process controls the business field was successfully refocused towards special applications e.g. dust measuring instruments and control and ignition systems for industrial burners.


Supported by the progress in microprocessor electronics the basis was put to the production of several small controls, portable computers and monitoring devices for the arising mobile network for continuous emission control. DURAG introduced the first suitability-checked emission evaluation computer for the supervision of large combustion plants and the first two-channel flame monitor. Flame sensors with different sensors enabled the secure monitoring of a wide variety of combustions.


New emission evaluation computers with systems for the colour-graphic representation of the measurement results and remote data transmission to the authorities determine the nineties. According to stricter legal requirements dust concentration measuring instruments are developed for extremely low concentrations of soot and dust. Volume flow measuring instruments broaden the offer. Tougher legal requirements in other countries lets foreign business grows, subsidiary companies are founded in various countries.


After takeover of companies from the same field of application the DURAG GROUP is formed. The marketing is intensified by the worldwide demand for DURAG products. New dust concentration meters and mercury analyzers broaden the possible applications. Emission and process data acquisition on PC basis with visualization of the measuring data on the Internet, automatic emission declaration, data acquisition for CDM projects and monitoring of drift and precision according to EN14181 strengthen the market leadership of DURAG.

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