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Gas analysis at Korean IGCC power plant

Korea Western Power Co. Ltd. (KOWEPO) relies on AP2E's advanced gas analysis technology at one of its power plants in Korea. The power plant complex is based on the so-called Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) technology. In this method, coal is converted into gas, which is then burned in a gas turbine. This enables significantly reduced pollutant emissions.

At a glance

Customer: Korea Western Power Co. Ltd (Taean Thermal Power Complex Division).
Integration partner: Woori Environmental Technology TMS
Industry: Power generation, IGCC (Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle)
Application: Measurement of NH3, HCN, H2S, COS
Products: Multicomponent gas analyzer ProCeas


Fast and accurate measurement of process gases were of paramount importance

KOWEPO's IGCC power plant has various facilities that are connected intricately. These include gasifiers, where the raw gas is produced, and gas purification facilities. Gases such as H2S and COS are produced in IGCC process plants. To increase reliability for meticulous measurement and analysis of these process gases, KOWEPO has been using a ProCeas gas analyzer from AP2E since early 2021.

The responsible operator of the KOWEPO IGCC power plant is convinced of the AP2E solution: "The gasification technology is very efficient at high temperature and high pressure. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the control and operation technology for continuous operation. For this, careful, rapid and accurate measurement and analysis of the gases generated in the process is of utmost importance. We considered and evaluated that AP2E's ProCeas gas analyzer was the most appropriate compared to other analyzers."

One of the challenges of the project was that the customer had no previous experience with AP2E's technology. "We demonstrated the benefits and various applications of the ProCeas gas analyzer using a real product. This helped to convince the customer of the technology," says Ho-Jeong Lim, Branch Manager Korea at DURAG GROUP.

KOWEPO is a leading supplier and innovator in the Korean energy industry. The company has about 2,350 employees and says it has about 8.5% of the nation's power generation capacity. KOWEPO focuses mainly on thermal power plants and combined cycle power plants. More information can be found on the KOWEPO website.