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Measurement of CO2 transport impurities

AP2E, specialist for gas analysis in the DURAG GROUP, supports studies on CO2 transport and corrosion technology of the renowned Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) based in Norway. Innovative ProCeas® analyzers are used for a wide range of gas monitoring. Due to the reliable and high-quality measurement performance, the cooperation started in 2013 was also intensified in 2020 and 2021 with further product deliveries.

At a glance

Customer: Institute for Energy Technology (IFE), Norway
Industry: Research, energy industry
Application: CO2 transport, corrosion technology
Products: Muli-component gas analyzer ProCeas®


Researchers from Norway rely on ProCeas® technology

The research project focuses impurities in the capture and transport of CO2. Even small, common amounts of H2O, SO2, H2S and O2 play a significant role, reacting with traces of NOx. In search of a high-quality and robust analyzer, lead scientist Bjørn H. Morland chose AP2E’s ProCeas® analyzer: “The reliability of the H2O and H2S measurement in particular was crucial for our project. ProCeas® is also used to test the concentration of O2 in CO2. All of this ensured the high quality and success of our research project. Key factor was the identification of the reaction by variation of impurity concentration.”

Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) will continue to occupy us in the future.“

While the Norwegian team used the first ProCeas® model for their studies in 2013, additional devices have been ordered since 2020. Etienne Smith, Sales & Service Director at AP2E, emphasizes the trustful cooperation with the team of scientists. "For us as a company, the project is not only interesting from a technical point of view. We are pleased that one of our products is contributing to this promising, ecologically relevant research. The topic of ‘Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS)’ will continue to occupy us in the future."

Gary Argaud, Technical Sales Engineer at AP2E, adds: "Without an analyzer as precise as ProCeas®, the study would not have been possible – or of lower quality. The scientists particularly liked the repeatability of the H2S and H2O measurements and the autonomy of the analyzer. They also reported having a zirconium sensor for O2 in reserve, but admitted that it had been less convenient and accurate.”

IFE is a leader in international energy research

Headquartered in Kjeller, about 20 kilometers east of Oslo, Norway's capital, IFE has been in existence since 1948 and is a leader in international energy research. The corrosion technology department is an international leader in the field of corrosion in oil and gas pipelines and pipelines for CO2 transport. Other research areas at the institute, which has around 600 employees, include environmental engineering, physics, materials science, petroleum technology, nuclear safety and reliability, and human-machine systems. Read more about IFE here: