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Emission and raw gas monitoring

Mercury analysis

Mercury is a highly toxic heavy metal to both people and the environment. More and more countries around the world are therefore imposing more stringent requirements with respect to the limitation of industrial mercury emissions. The resulting emission limits are many times lower than for other flue gas components.

Our extractive mercury analyzers are certified systems that provide mercury measurements in the range of few microgram per cubic meter. Depending on the design required, these analyzers can also be used to measure significantly higher concentrations in raw gas or to determine different mercury species. This enables the evaluation and optimization of mercury reduction measures in flue gas treatment, which can prevent emissions. 

Analyzers from the DURAG GROUP can therefore be used not only for regulatory emission monitoring, but also for process optimization. These low-maintenance devices are extremely robust and have proven themselves in a wide range of applications. The DURAG GROUP today has more than 25 years of experience in continuous mercury analysis. 

A continuous measuring system for the determination of mercury concentration consists of an analyzer and a sampling system. The sampling system in turn consists of a probe that extracts the sample gas from the duct and a heated sample gas line that transports the sample gas from the probe to the device. The measuring gas is processed in the analyzer. Afterwards mercury detection is carried out by means of atomic absorption spectroscopy.