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Metrology for hydrogen vehicles

AP2E, a member of the DURAG GROUP, has been supporting the development of the hydrogen industry and related technologies for several years. The gas analysis specialists are part of the European research project "MetroHyVe" ("Metrology for Hydrogen Vehicles"), which deals with the development of methods for controlling hydrogen purity.

At a glance

Project: MetroHyVe
Industry: Hydrogen infrastructure, hydrogen refueling stations (HRS)
Application: Hydrogen purity control
Products: ProCeas® H2 Purity Analyzer


AP2E has been involved in hydrogen purity since 2015

AP2E's commitment to hydrogen purity goes back to the year 2015. Just one year later, the company participated in MetroHyVe. Behind this is an EU-funded research project to develop recommended methods for controlling hydrogen purity according to ISO 14687:2019.

Among the results is a paper recommending the patented OFCEAS method for hydrogen quality measurement (OFCEAS stands for "Optical Feedback Cavity Enhanced Absorption Spectroscopy" – one of the most sensitive absorption spectroscopy principles). The paper can be accessed at the following link: Development and evaluation of a novel analyser for ISO14687 hydrogen purity analysis

Since November 2022, AP2E has been supporting its second stage ”MetroHyVe 2”, which again involves scientists from entire Europe. For a long-term evaluation, a ProCeas® gas analyzer was installed at a UK hydrogen refueling station with support from ITM Power and the National Physical Laboratory (NPL).

More information on the "MetroHyVe 2" project can be found on the website of the European Association of National Metrology Institutes“.

For further product information, please refer to the ProCeas® H2 Purity Analyzer technical data sheet.