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New aerosol spectrometer EDM 280 with unique detection limit

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Product launch: QAL1-certified fine dust measuring instrument for 24/7 PM monitoring

Hamburg / Ainring, 2nd of May, 2023 – With the new environmental aerosol spectrometer EDM 280 we present the first QAL1-certified measuring instrument from GRIMM AEROSOL TECHNIK, a DURAG GROUP company. The low-maintenance optical aerosol spectrometer of the latest generation is used for 24/7 monitoring of limit values in outdoor air and convinces with its unique detection limit and an excellent counting efficiency. It thus complies with DIN EN 16450 for automatic measuring devices for determining particle concentrations (PM10 and PM2.5).

The EDM 280 is ideal for the use in PM networks. The fully air-conditioned weather protection housing offers also a stand-alone option for any location and any climate condition, e.g. monitoring construction and port sites. A data logger is optionally available for the low-maintenance device, which regularly stores the collected data.

The EDM 280 is based on the measuring principle of scattered light detection of single particles by a laser diode. The detection volume is aerodynamically focused (ISO21501-1), there is no edge zone error. The unique detection limit of 0.1 µg/m³ and excellent counting efficiency of the EDM 280 are worth to mention. Also special is its mass concentration range, which is 0 to 12,000 μg/m³ for PM10. Real-time monitoring of particulate matter levels TSP, PM4, PM2.5, PM1 as well as PMCoarse is also possible. In addition, the total particle count (TC) and particle number distribution can be determined.

The EDM 280 scores with its robust 19” rack design, high energy efficiency and very low operating costs. Low maintenance is guaranteed by an internal particle-free purge-air circuit to protect the optical components. Simple, intuitive operation is via touch display. The aerosol spectrometer is compatible with existing EDM installations (180, 180+) of the DURAG GROUP.