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D-FW 240 Ex
D-FW 230 B
D-FW 240 Ex
D-FW 230 B

Filter monitor

For monitoring the efficiency and function of filters and filter systems by qualitative measurement of the dust concentration in dry process and flue gases. 

Functionality: Triboelectric measuring principle

  • In-situ measurement method and continuous dust measurement
  • Qualitative dust measurement for function monitoring of filters
  • Single-sided installation on duct
  • No moving parts and robust design
  • Easy commissioning, adjustment and maintenance without PC
  • No purge air required
  • Can be used in a flue gas pressure range of up to 500 hPa
  • Installation on one side of stack without alignment
  • Compact solution with small housing and low system costs
  • Space-saving design
  • Easy installation and commissioning
  • Low operating costs
  • Suitable for harsh flue gas pressure conditions
  • Qualitative dust measurement for function monitoring of filters
  • Technical data
  • Explosion protection
  • System components
Measuring principleTriboelectric, in-situ measurement, single-sided installation
Measuring variableDust mass flow
Measuring range1 … 25 to 20 … 400 mg/m³
Ambient conditionsInstallation location: Indoor or outdoor installation*Temperature: -20 … +50 °C
Operating conditions in ductTemperature: -20 … 200 °C, optional 500 °C for D-FW 231Relative humidity: 20 … 80%Relative pressure: -500 … +500 hPaFlow velocity: 7 … 40 m/s
Duct dimensionsMin. inner diameter: 0.15 m
InterfaceAnalogue output: 1x 4 … 20 mA, max. 500 OhmDigital input: 2x transistor input for zero point check, signal integration
Operation and displayOperating unit D-FW 230 B

* Weather protection cover required for outdoor installation

See data sheet for further details

ATEX (D-FW 240 EX)II 2 G EEx d ib IIC T6II 2 G/D EEx d ib IIC T6 tD A21 ibD 21 IP 65 T 105 °C
Filter monitor D-FW 231 or
Filter monitor D-FW 240 EX
Operating unit D-FW 230 B
  • High quality at a low price