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Innovative measurement technology for biogas purification

Waga Energy, based in the town of Meylan near Grenoble, France, is one of the leading companies in gas and cryogenic engineering. The group plans, builds and operates innovative landfill gas treatment plants, supports grid feed-in and modernization projects and sells biomethane to gas utilities.

At a glance

Customer: Waga Energy, France
Industry: Waste management
Anwendung: Biogas analysis
Produkt: ProCeas®


Biogas analysis with the ProCeas® system

After many years of good cooperation between Waga Energy and AP2E, a DURAG GROUP company, the French energy company once again presented us with a challenge: in the field of waste management, Waga Energy needed a new measurement solution for the biogas purification process. The most important criteria in the selection of the system included a very fast response time, high sensitivity and repeatability.

After successful tests, the customer decided to again cooperate with AP2E and to use the ProCeas® system for multicomponent gas analysis. Today, a total of 15 units are in use at waste management companies throughout France for the biogas purification process designed by Waga Energy. Along with each of the 15 systems, a ProCeas® system is installed. Thanks to a multiplexing unit, they can be used at different stages of the purification process to measure CH4, CO2, H2S, H2O and O2.

The ProCeas® biogas analyzers are impressive, particularly with regard to the following features:

  • Quality of measurement
    Laser measurement technology implies low cross sensitivities and good reproducibility as well as low detection limits.
  • Multigas analysis
    A single analyzer can monitor multiple gases, even in the ppb range.
  • Low maintenance costs
    Due to the low drift over a longer period of time, no regular calibration is required.
  • Fast response time
    Due to the patented low-pressure sampling and the small volume of the measuring cell, the analyzer requires only a small amount of sample.