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Emission and raw gas monitoring

Dust monitoring

Dust is an air pollutant from industrial emissions that must be monitored. Dust monitors from the DURAG GROUP determine the dust concentration in dry and humid flue gases reliably, accurately and continuously. They are robust, durable and low-maintenance, certified for regulatory emission monitoring and represent the best available technology. Furthermore, combustion processes can be optimized by monitoring the dust concentration in raw gases.

Depending on the requirements and measuring task, we offer various dust measuring systems that use different physical measuring principles. The measuring devices are installed in the flue gas duct, where they measure the dust concentration in milligrams per cubic meter. The measuring device passes this information on to the plant control room for process control. From there, the data is sent to the relevant authority.

A measuring system for measuring dust concentration consists of a measuring device, a power supply unit and various other components depending on the product solution. For example, we supply various solutions for the purge air supply and, where required, an operating unit with a display.